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Thanks BowWowMeow, no worries, I have absolutely disinfected my lip, cheek, and chin. I appreciate the concern though.

Liz&Anna, I can only imagine the interactions you must see. It's disheartening to hear it happens so often. Here I thought we were just special

KathrynApril pretty sure Cafall is feeling fine if not beginning to try and milk a bit more attention/ministrations from my husky. Poor Finder is just as much a sucker for the GSD sad eyes as I am.

Gwenhwyfair I had the same thought. It sounds mean of me, but I was beyond relieved the chihuahua left with only a limp and not in pieces.

Sookie I agree. Not only a disservice to her dog, but to the whole breed by allowing her dog to act so poorly. Although, I'm sure we probably ruined any good thought she ever had about GSDs now too.
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