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What's up with so many GSD owners ?

I've only been in this forum for less than a year and I have come to discover, all too many GSD owners are so caught up in having a BIG dog, so BIG they might purposely overfeed the dog so they can say...."...yeah my shepherd weighs a hundred and ....... pounds". It's almost as if having a bigger dog/GSD somehow makes one feel a sense of elevated status. Why is it, we never hear anyone shout from the rooftops "....YES, it's a purebred GSD and it only weighs 16 pounds"? Actually, a toy shepherd would be interesting.

These are the questions I ask.

Anyway, my ideal GSD is healthy and well behaved.....notice the order of the adjectives...priority intended.

Okay, so in order to stop this " I have a huge GSD " problem, I am laying it to rest. Please understand, I simply have the biggest GSD and it will never be topped, so please, keep your dogs lean and mean.....all involved benefit.

Attached is a picture of my GSD named Riese Mammut. I am in the picture as well and have used all those "keep you looking young" products as seen on TV...and available as well...usually you get twice as much as you expected and all for just a small additional shipping and handling fee. I was 51 when that picture was taken last year.

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