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I usually get defensive with threads like this. But actually, that would have made me uneasy as well.

When I talk to new puppy owners I steer them towards positive, let them know what is normal and not. If the pup is getting too rough I yelp! Then redirect. I never ever, nor do any of my Drs physically correct a puppy for being a puppy. Not cool.

Many vets are not current on training techniques. Many are old school. I have seen lots in my younger days that would give me fits now.

If you like everything else about this vet, and want to stay there, then go in prepared next time with super duper treats. Every time the vet does something that the puppy starts to mouth at, shove a treat in his/her face. Redirect right then and there. Be proactive. Training should continue no matter where you are.

When the vet comes in, before doing anything to your pup, tell them " we are working on his mouthiness, if he mouths you, please yelp loudly and when he stops give him one if these yummy treats please". I would then throw in " we really want every vet experience to be positive for our little guy, so we are trying to make sure anything scary is followed by good, that way when he is bigger he won't feel scared or defensive to be here. " The vet will then be aware that you are being proactive ( many clients are not) and will have clear guidelines on how to handle it.

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