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New GSD owner, from Portugal!


I've just joined the forum after buying my first GSD today! It's a girl and her name is Kia, she's 2 months next week!

I have a question; when should I start to train her? I'm still trying to gain her trust and I'm really surprised over the fact that she licks me and already follows me after being with me for like only 6 hours!

I wasn't provided with a pedrigree or anything like that, do you think she's purebreed? I saw the parents and they look like it. Dark coloured mother and tan father.

She's the girl on the left, as you can see in the first picture, the GSD on the right was also bought by a family member.

****************Moderated photos removed***********

MRL.. Welcome to the forum and keep posting but you need to edit the pictures down and resubmit just go to and and then we can all enjoy your beautiful new puppy!

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