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My GSD bit my Neighbor.

My GSD is a male and is 2 yrs old. He just recently bit our neighbor, it came as a shock to most of us as we just thought he was all bark, which was our mistake in the first place. He's always had the tendency of sitting by the front door(Screen door) and tends to growl/bark at people passing close to the driveway and barks at every dog in his line of sight, no matter how far.

He's a great family dog though, he's great with kids and he's extremely lovable and he gets along with my friends and family. It's fairly easy for him to get to know people, as long as the people meeting him for the first time don't look at him directly in the eyes. When I take him out for walks, he doesn't bark at people and he's relatively friendly but he's still on guard. With dogs, it's a whole different story, he goes mad when he sees a dog on our walks and I have to make sure to hold him hard. He just doesn't like other dogs, I'm not sure why. The dog is extremely protective over our property which includes the driveway, garage, backyard, and the whole inside of our home. He use to be able to roam around the garage w/ the driveway garage door open and he'd behave, and would never bark at people only at dogs but he would stay in place and wouldn't run off. After a while, we noticed he became more hesitant about staying in place and wanted to run off to chase after dogs so we decided to not allow him in the garage area while the garage door was open.

Going back on him biting my neighbor, he's always disliked our neighbor for some odd reason. Our neighbor doesn't go in our house but he's constantly w/ my father outside in the garage working on a car and whatnot. A week ago or so, my dad was working on a car and our neighbor was helping him out. Apparently my aunt that was visiting left the door open from the garage, and Mike(our dog) hadn't launch'd at our neighbor just yet until our neighbor reached for the wrench and handed it to my dad, right then our dog launched and bit him in the arm puncturing through his skin. The dog let go right away and ran back inside after my brother yelled @ him. This is the story I got from my younger brother as he was the one that was present and my dad was under the car at the time and didn't see anything until it was too late. I'm guessing he thought our neighbor had an intention of hurting my father w/ the wrench but idk and it doesn't help that he already dislikes our neighbor. Our neighbor did require stitches, which we did pay for and we are actually taking him next week to get him removed. We are covering all of his medical bills for the injury which is obviously the least we can do. The neighbor didn't make a big deal out of it but it obviously is. We first tried to find someone who would take him, but he's currently sick and he's on antibiotics, he scratches a lot to the point of bleeding at times. That's all expensive, and people don't want that burden on them as it costs a lot of money. We love our dog and he's a great dog at that, but after this incident we don't know what to do. We don't know of any dog trainers in the area and we are set on making a change but I'd like to get some input from some GSD owners. (I don't need people telling me that my dog is "vicious" or that he should be "put down". I want solutions, as our family realizes that we are at fault for the most part for not training our dog the way we should have.)

We Reside in San Diego, CA. The dog weighs around 95-105 and he's around 2 yrs old.
Pictures of Mike:

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