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Is it safe to feed things like guts?

Hi all,

I'm planning to switch my 13 wk old pup to RAW, and having read up on many of the threads here, feel pretty confident about how to go about things. However, I haven't found anything that relates to feeding things like the intestinal tract. I only ask because we have a large supply of quail on hand to feed our birds (my boyfriend and I are both falconers), and we usually feed the guts every now and then to our birds for a complete diet. However, we have leftovers sometimes after carving up the quail and it seems a waste to toss them. Our quail are farm raised and we generally don't have to worry about things like parasites. My question is, is it okay to give this to a puppy (ie, intestines, spleen, stomach, etc)? Or is it best to leave it out and rely on everything else to provide a balanced diet?

I know it seems like a random question, but i just have not read anything about feeding guts and I'm curious as to your guys' opinion. Thanks!
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