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opinion on puppy

OK guys i need some opinions on my puppy ears and development.First they have never been up yet... They have been always 3/4 up till now (17 weeks) always one of the ears was higher than the other one... So how do you think is there a chance, and when i shoud consider taping ? Also i have contacted with my breeder and the guy said that there`s no point of worrying and the ears will stand .. Ok now the other thing, i think that my puppy development is too slow, i dont know i have browsed gsd wich are 4 months old and all of them are bigger than mine , i feed him with Royal Canin maxi junior , and because of my stupidity i made the measurement on eye , and i started to measure the food ot electronic scale since i got my worries (since 4th month).The dog is bought from quality breeder and have a pedigree here is the father => , thank you for your opinions i appreciated them a lot !

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