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Can my Sable produce Black and Tans?

Hello there. I am New to this forum. Let me start by saying I do not plan on breeding my GSD, but I am curious about how the genetics work with their coat patterns. Genetics of all animals is fascinating to me.

I recently aquired a male Sable German Shepherd pup as a family companion dog. His name is Ruger . He is currently 9 weeks.

Rugers mother was a Sable.

Rugers father was a Bi Color.

Ruger and all 6 of his litter mates were all Sables. The breeder told me that Ruger's mother always produced litters of 100% Sables.

What does this mean for the genes Ruger carries? Is it possible he could only carry the sable gene and only produce Sables no matter what he bred to? Or because his father was a Bicolor would that mean he definitely carries that gene and could produce blk/tans or bicolors if he was bred to the right female?

Thanks for any information. I breed Ball Pythons as a side business and knowing their genetics is very important. Just hoping to understand Rugers genetics, and GSD genetics in general, a little better.

Thanks in advance,
Landon Baier
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