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I can't give you any advice on most of your issues...
I can say when our pup was four months old, a lady had a nasty small dog in the let store. He was rude, growly and barking to everyone and everything. I had taken our male alone, so he and our female would get separate training and socializing. During this time, the small dog jumped out of the buggy and pounced on our dog who was laying calmly on the floor while I was answering questions. I had to pick our dog up so the small dog would stop jumping, growling and barking and trying to bite his neck. I held my dog up so the lady could get her dog that was running everywhere (no leash) snapping at everything in site. Miles was horrified of any small dogs....our trainer helped us solve this and helped miles trust small dogs again. It took 6 months for him to be fully trusting again....and comfortable with small dogs but he is now okay with all the small dogs he is around. We even walk with a jack Russell and he enjoys having the company.

Good luck....and my suggestion would be find an amazing trainer that specializes in working line dogs and understand working line dogs! People on this forum are extra helpful and may be able to direct you in the direction of one....i saw a thread the other day...people were able to refer a person to trainer just by knowing the location. May be something to ask....but I have learned...a good trainer will see things and issues before you do. Our dogs are so chilled in any place new or old, I never thought to do certain test with them....luckily he did....the first time (5months old) we had the dogs in a down and stay while we walked away....he threw a bucket of balls....the dogs were all over the place...had we been down town and kids were doing that....we would have had to chase our dogs, and replaced balls for people. Simple things, now they have amazing toy impulse control which is needed in our home because they are ball obsessed, if it rolls they needed to chase it. Our trainer noticed this when the kids were playing with them waiting it the rest of class to get their (our friends and a littermate of our dogs)...he saw the drive and desire for the balls and we started working on it. Good working line trainers are worth their weight in gold! Also if you find one! Don't let them go!!! These dogs IN MY OPINION need to work and train for most of their lives....they LOVE the challenge of it and the work they put into it! They may not need the obedience and training anymore, but the love the routine and work involved.

Good luck! Hope you find what you need!!!

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