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Originally Posted by jocoyn View Post
We don't worry about it and we are offlead in the woods a good bit. Usually I am the one that comes back bleeding, not the dog. I just give a good go over when we get home looking for cuts and for the rare one wash and treat accordingly.

They do make hunting vests with belly protection for hunting dogs.

I do have some clotting powder in my first aid kit but have never had to use it. My biggest fear is a coyote trap.
Luckily traps are illegal here, or I would really worry about that. I was just reading some of your posts about tracking - I have so many questions as we are doing some scent work but now I wonder if I've been going about it all wrong. She is always off leash for it and we started with nose to ground rather than air scenting because I read somewhere it is harder to go from air to ground... Is that okay? You probably needs lots more info but I'm just running out the door with her now, thanks in advance!
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