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My dogs HATES his nails being clipped

I have a 9 month old German Shepherd who will absolutely not stand his front nails being clipped. My sister does the clipping, and I attempt to hold him down, but he thrashes so much that I just can't. (he's around 90-100 pounds) He froths at the mouth and makes noises like we're torturing him. We've had to buy a mussel because he will bite us. He's not scared of the clippers, because we can do his back nails just fine. We've tried to distract him with peanut butter but he rather ignore it and escape the situation. I've even conditioned him into letting me touch his paws just in a regular situation. It's just when the clippers are involved he goes mad. We don't want to have to take him into the vet every time we have to groom him, so can someone help me think of a solution to this issue? Thank you.
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