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what to expect from 12 months to 24 months?

Wow I can't believe my tiny little puppy is now almost 1 year old.we've gone through quite a bit of training and our ups and downs.he is currently starting to bark at a few people depending on how they approach him. If they seem to stop and stare he starts to bark. we just started a nosework class last week and this week we are starting an advanced training and tricks class.we are taking these classes to help improve his confidence. We are still doing the agility class although we don't do any jumping and quick turn because of hip problems We are also learning how to use the martingale collar for the soft dog and he is doing well with small corrections ,he's not shutting down like before
now that he's 12 months what can I expect from him this upcoming dogs still have a change in personality at this age? Or can I assume that what I'm seeing now is the personality of my dog?

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