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My dog goes to doggie daycare once a week (on average). She LOVES it. It's nothing like a conventional kennel/boarding facility although the couple who runs it do overnight and long-term stays as well. What's the place like? Have you met the people? Are there a lot of employees? Is it a large facility?

I think the smaller the better, but that's just my opinion. Places that do daycare rather than just boarding should be smaller because they need to be focusing on exercising and playing with the dogs, and the dogs should (ideally) be out and engaged in exercise/play a lot of the day. And the owners/employees should know if your dog will play with others or if your dog needs to be separated, etc. I'd like to meet everyone who will be interacting with my dog and know what the daily schedule is like, and know that I can drop in at any time and check up on what's going on, and that they are fine with that.

I love our doggie daycare - it's much better for my dog than being locked in the living room - and she comes home tired from 8+ hours of solid puppy play
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