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UTI Maybe??

So Dettmer is 10 weeks old now. Ive had him for almost 2 weeks and he has shown signs of progress in house breaking and then recently for the past couple of days I have gotten him out of the crate in the mornings with a soiled bed. He wakes me up everyday at 7 almost on the dot and doesnt make any other sounds all night so I never know if he needs to go in the night. What concerns me is that today he peed while he was laying down, he wasnt sleeping but he was on his side laying in the sun like he loves to do. He just sat there and peed and acted completely oblivious to it. I just scheduled him for a vet visit monday to check this out.

1) do you think this could be a UTI?
2) even if I dont hear him at night should I be waking up atleast once to wake him up and take him out potty?

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