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Seperation Anxiety

I have a five month old German Shepherd. Jase is my first German Shepherd and he is a really great dog. Unfortunately he suffers from what I believe to be extreme seperation anxiety. I have done hours of research online and met with my vet. I just want advice from more experienced owners of the breed.

Jase only suffers from anxiety when I go to work. I take him with me as much as I can and he doesn't mind being left in the car. Now I don't leave him in the car long and I always leave it on. I also made a point to make sure that he is well socialized. He doesn't have to be right next to me all the time in the house. He goes to the dog park at least once a week and meets new people almost daily. Jase is very obedient. We have been working on simple commands, sit, down, etc. Jase is also house broken and well mannered. The tech at the vet said he is the most well behaved and mannered dog they have seen in a long time. I keep Jase in a wire crate while I'm at work with plenty of toys and the occasional bone. I've tried to keep him outside in a kennel but he always escapes and has a run in with the law! (: I've had to reinforce the crate with zip ties and wire clips and he still manages to escape that as well.

Our last visit to the vet resulted in a prescription for the doggy version of Prozac, so far we are on day two with no visible change. I have provided him with a stuffed and frozen Kong for the past two mornings as well. He seems to enjoy that tasty treat. I have ordered a Thundershirt and will be giving that a try once I get it.

Any tips, advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please help me, help my fur-baby.

Thank you for your time.
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