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Post Bad dog fight...

Varick (17 months old) and our family dog, Cookie (12 years old) got into three bad fights yesterday. Varick is a good dog, though he is very much a puppy. Cookie is a nuisance; if either Harley or Varick get too close to the laundry room (where we keep the dog food), she bites them directly in the face with no warning. Harley doesn't take her crap. He fights back and will pin her to the floor, biting at her neck, though he never truly hurts her and only does this for a short moment.
Yesterday, she bit Varick for this reason. It was the first time. He immediately started attacking her. He seemed ruthless. It was terrifying. Cookie was literally screaming. She was completely defenceless. And he wouldn't stop! I had to pull him off of her with all my strength. I honestly thought he was going to kill her. And I think he would have. This is #1.
The second and third time he attacked her (just as bad as the first time) was unprovoked. They had a "stand-off" and he just pinned her to the floor, tearing at her neck. I'm surprised there was no blood. I'm keeping them in separate rooms. Varick is fine with Harley. Varick is such a good dog. He has never done anything like this before. It may sound bad, but I don't think I can blame him. Cookie messed with the wrong dog.
I'm worried. What are your thoughts?


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