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Clearly something bothering my GSD

So started off today that I came home to an "accident" in the house. My GSD is a little more than 7 years old and is very reliably housebroken. So this was odd.

Just now we're laying on the couch in our normal positions, me laying down stretched out and him at the end of the couch with my feet next to him.

Hard to describe but suddenly out of nowhere he starts to move around and works his way up up towards my side in between me and the back of the couch. He's panting and drooling a bit more than normal. So I think maybe he needs to go outside. Walk out back with him and he seems a little "unsure of himself" on his back legs. Takes a few steps out the patio but he doesn't go to the bathroom. Ends up coming back and almost leaning against me.

We come back inside and he follows me (not totally abnormal) but continues to almost lean against me.

Has always been a very healthy guy but his behavior just seems weird and out of norm for him.

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