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Something I posted the other day.....

Less poop : Feeding raw greatly decreases the amount of poop that ends up in your backyard. Your dog will assimilate a much higher amount of a raw diet versus pooping out the vast majority of dry kibble food.

Cheaper dog food bills : Take the time and search out a few raw food forums in your local area and use them as a resource to find places to buy raw meat/organ/bone for much less than any grocery store or commercialized prepared raw dog food. I just placed an order for 215 lbs of raw meat/organs/bone for $95 today, 44 cents a pound overall and there is 30 pounds of green tripe in this order to boot.

Healthier dog : That should speak for itself.

Preparation : I usually buy coarse ground components and make a concoction which includes the proper %'s of meat/organ/bones and then add some supplements such as fish oil, milled flax seed, blenderized raw whole eggs (shell included) vitamin e etc. I make 50- 60 lb batches and store them in 1.41 liter plastic containers ( 4 lbs per container ) and put them in the freezer. I bought a small deep chest freezer off of Craig's List for dirt and keep all the food in there.

Time involved : As I mentioned above, I make large batches as I have found this to be the most efficient method for me. I believe the general guideline is 2.5-3% of your dog's weight when mature. For a pup it could be as much as 8% of their weight while they are growing and then adjust based on overall health and physical status. I always have two 4 lb container in the is thawed and the other is thawing.

The "hardship" of a raw diet ( for the human ) in many cases is the additional time it takes to prepare a raw diet for their dog. Yes, you can buy prepared patties and chubs of ground raw...but it costs much more, nothing wrong with that, if that's what works. I spend an afternoon a month making my dog's meals, I rather enjoy it and I know everything that is in it.

So far, with my new pup....all my efforts seem to be so worthwhile as I watch her twice a day eating her food as if it were her first. I'm sticking with this raw diet most certainly and as time passes, I get more and more sold on it. I hate to tempt fate but so far my dog has flourished on her raw diet.....all the other benefits are secondary.

Nice to see that you are contemplating a raw diet for your pup.

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