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Here is some great reading for you that will simplify things and answer a lot of your questions:
Raw Fed Dogs - Natural Prey Model Rawfeeding Diet

I have one dog on raw. She gets chicken leg quarters mon-fri and boneless meals on the weekend. I toss in some organs during the week as well as gizzards and hearts to keep meals balanced. I will add in pork neck bones, tripe, turkey necks, chicken/duck feet, etc as fun extra stuff..whatever I can find. She is an adult Doberman and I feed her once a day in the PM. I don't do ground as a staple because a benefits of a raw diet is teeth cleaning by the dog grinding the meat off the bones. It's a good idea to start out with one meat protein for a couple weeks and then gradually add in others incase there are any allergy problems, you can identify which protein is causing it.

Stools are AWESOME on raw. You will never want to go back to kibble again, especially if you are the one on poop duty. They are small, crumble within days, and odorless.

This is what my Doberman poops in a day:

Stools on raw are a bit whiter in color because of the bone, but I also give her treats during training so that affects it

You can really tell how many nutrients they retain from a raw diet versus kibble regarding the difference in stools.

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