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Originally Posted by GSDlover143 View Post
I just got a purebred Shiba Inu puppy named Achilles from a breeder we had been in contact with. Well I know this is a stubborn breed. Does anyone have a shiba? How did you train them? My boy Zeus (GSD) has taken well to him they love each other haha he is very tiny and sweet.

You can see him on Instagram

ZeusandAchilles is my username: )

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I don't have a shiva but I know at least 3 and I'm a manager at petco so I see them alllllll the time- always always start with positive and start ASAP, as in you should have started yesterday!!

They are super smart but stubborn- they are super super vocal hahah like little growls and strange noises, and I don't know any other breed that will give you a look like a shiva does!! The look at you like "pfffttt-RIIGHT I don't think so" post pics!!?

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