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Brand New to 'Raw'

We've owned dogs for decades, mostly labs. Now after a many year Shepherd absence we pick up our female G.S. in just over a week. Our usually procedure has been to get a higher quality dry dog food & go with that. I know hardly anything about the raw diet for dogs.

I've been reading a bunch, here & the 'Raw Dog Ranch'. I have the meat%/bone%/organ% down, then the common types of meat.

So it's just ground up meat, bones, & organ meat? If $$ was no concern, the same meat one would get with chicken from the store, ground & fed raw? The smaller bones ground, meat cut up?

This would be a stark change for the wife & I. We are due to have a 'food discussion' with the breeder. I get the feeling they are going to talk about raw, recommend it.

If we go this route, I may supplement some 'prepared raw' from 'Nature's Variety' or others. I usually tag a few deer & other game in the Fall. I could easily mix in some of that. I even have a fair sized grinder.

Just saying, one who's used commercial dog food for decades, this whole raw idea may take a bit to get used to. Once one gets going, suppliers, freezer space, & the routine down, not bad.

The benefits to the dog are? That's a little fuzzy right now. Thanks.
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