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Ya know, I really don't like this. I have had little kids come up behind my dog in a store while I was paying and hug the dog. I have my nieces that do not live with me hug my dogs and stare into their eyes -- I know that could be a challenge. And at the vet, sometimes a vet tech needs to wrap their arm around the dog's head and neck area so the vet or another tech can take blood or deal with something less than fun.

If I had a one year old dog growling at a family member, then that dog would be OFF the bed and going through some major boot camp. I probably would not feed the dog anymore, and food would come from the person that was growled at, AFTER that person told the dog to sit, and stay.

Young dogs should not be asserting themselves against family members, adult or children, or the household and all its members human and canine will need to learn some Behavior Modification.

If your dog is on the bed growling at your mother, then whatever you are doing in the area of leadership and training is not working, and you need to get this in hand now, if you don't want a very sad outcome.

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