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Originally Posted by JakodaCD OA View Post
37 a month is pretty reasonable, but I would want detailed info on exactly what that covers. Is it just emergencies? Does it cover routine, vacs etc??
The guy I spoke with sais it covers anything that has to do with the dogs health. Not only emergencies. If it gets sick, hit by a car, ear infection, cancer, anything at all. But there is this deductible that you have to pay. Choices are 50, 100, 200. So if you went with the price of 50 your monthly charge would be more expensive, but if something cost over 50, depending on what percent you have them cover you would get money back. But let's say you had the 200 deductible, and a check up with some shots was 180 all together. You would have to pay that with no reimbursements.

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