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We have had our two right at a year....
This is for both dogs!

Food - $210 a month that is both combined with treats.

Toys/puzzles - $450 for the year

Supply's - leads, long lines, collars, backpacks, water bowls, paw pad cream, seat covers, brushes, nail clippers, grinder for nails, soaps $700

Vet - we found a great vet office visits are only $55 half of our old vet that had nothing good to say about shepherds and told us we were crazy if we brought one in the house with all the kids we have in and out. He had many horror story's to tell us! The new vet loves and adores them. Always brags on them, and can't believe how loving and gentle they are. She says dogs twice their age don't behave as well as they do. She also is great about meds and rechecks being discounted. Find a vet that loves animals and keeps cost within reason. All of the shots, test and preventive meds are only a couple of dollars difference in her office compared to the humane society. Here is the key! MILES has been to the vet twice...once of his puppy check, and once for his 1 year check. So he has cost 110$ for the year. His shots are all 7-18$ and were done by the vet tech, the office does not charge office visit if tech does shots. MILLIE is a bit different!!! She is adventurous, jumps before she thinks...and has been to the vet 7-8 times! She flew over the sofa (4 months...she jumped the love seat...cleared it!!!) as a pup, we thought she hit way to hard. Nothing was wrong but had her checked. She rammed a stick in her mouth/throat....had her checked and rechecked a few times to make sure healing was going okay. Meds were steroid and antibiotics. She climbed a tree, not with out permission (6months old) paw pads were a little sore so walked told her to stop climbing trees, but simple visit as the fix was paw pad cream and ice pack. Anther time she was running so hard, slammed into the fence, had a swollen eye...nothing wrong other than a bruise that can cause swelling...:-/
Needless to say, Millie is more costly in vet bills but with all of her antics we have managed to stay well under $1000 for the year with all shots, preventive checks and screenings, meds, visits and rechecks...

Kennels/bedding - $500

Puppy classes -$800

Real dog classes - $100 a month but that is a discount and the guy does not do it for money, he does it for the love of the that is not a realistic price for normal working line dog training. Especially for two dogs!

Hope that helps... That is all I can think of off the top if my head. Ours are only 1 year old. They are extremely healthy. If Millie was not the basket case she is...we would have no vets bills....:-/

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