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Growled at my mom while she was hugging her.

So I wasn't there. But when my mom was going to put Zelda back in her crate in my room after letting her out for potty break and hang out, she said she hugged Zelda while Zelda was sitting on my bed, and she stood over her, put her arms around Zelda and she said she thought she growled at her.

Unsure what to think about this or the action i should take.

Zelda has never growled at any family member before, but there is a first for everything.

Should I treat her with tougher NILIF as if she did for sure growl at my mom, and involve my family in it more so? To stop this behavior before it gets worse and or continues.
Or should i act as if it didn't happen and only do something when i am sure she actually growled?

Also how do i tell my 13 year old sister in better way, that Zelda is not a teddy bear, and she needs to be treated more like a dog, especially at being a year old and being a rowdy girl as a teenager! I've told this to her. I dont want to say that she could act aggressive (i dont think it will happen, but i think they test limits at this stage so you never know and if my mom is right, who says my little sister isn't next), because i dont want my sister having bad energy towards Zelda. I'm just worried one of these days Zelda is going to tell her "ENOUGH" in a mean way, i mean even a growl from Zelda would ruin her relationship (my little sister is very sensitive) I tell her dogs are NOT teddy bears! I don't think she gets it.. Suggestions?

*I'm trying not to get worked up over this as she may or may not have.. but i do NOT want Zelda getting naughty with my family. And if there is a possibility i want to nip it in the bud before it escalates.

Thanks guys!

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