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I would call your police dept and ask to speak with an officer, just talk to him/her and tell the police exactly what you wrote here and fear you have because of what happened to your cousin. You feel threatened.

There is probably not much the police can do, but at least it will be on record and maybe the police can see if this person has to check in with someone in mental health or like probation.

During my nursing internship, we had to do a few weeks at a mental health lockdown facility. One patient I was following was very nice and normal and funny for a while, but after about 3 weeks he changed and confessed he wanted to kill or harm the CNAs. I had to report him, this is something the facility took very seriously and he was transferred within hours. Hopefully someone will take your feelings seriously.

I also wanted to add, we have a neighbor that is just a jerk, mental in some way, we think he may have vandalized our cars. The only thing we could really do was install a video camera in our front and rear. I thought of getting one for inside my vehicle, maybe this is something you can look into, unfortunately good ones are not cheap.

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