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Originally Posted by G&Arabella View Post
So I was wondering if my little girl might be developing weird, she's 18 weeks, stands 15 inches at the shoulder and is 27.5lbs, her doc says she's ideal but her doc also said that her throwing up at each vet visit was normal. Any thoughts/suggestions? We have a new vet scheduled for next week to get a second opinion but I just want to be sure and ask GSD enthusiasts and lovers as well.

Not so sure about the weight and height as many GSD pups grow at different rates and too many folks get caught up in the averages.

The throwing up thing seems odd...maybe it's your vet's bedside manner??

Good for you getting a second opinion....

As long as your gal is healthy I wouldn't worry about her weight and height might be surprised down the road when she grows more than you expected.

Post a few pics of her.....makes it easier for those in here that know their "stuff".....

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