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Originally Posted by Shaolin View Post
One of the things I did personally with bell training was buying a 50' lead from a Pet store. Finn went on it when he rang the bells. If he didn't go out and pee within 30 seconds, I called him and pulled him inside. He learned quickly the bells were for potty time only, not play time.

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That was going to be my next suggestion. When I potty trained Titan, I toook him out on the lead and he didn't get to be off lead until he went potty, and not squated like he was going, but actually went. You may try that. Titan never really "asked" to go out. he literally just say by the door looking at the handle. I had to keep an eye on him constantly. Even now, he will just sit by the door. And he will do that if he wants to play too, that part never leaves. Also, do you have a command for going potty?


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