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What to expect?

I have a 5 month old extremely low drive little guy. I want to do something with him. We are thinking obedience is the way to go for him. I trained my pug for about 4 years with agility with a club but never competed. This time I would like to set a goal on competing. I know nothing at all about obedience and titling and what not. My last 3 dogs (all pugs) have started at puppy obedience and went through to general obedience and that was enough.

Anyways I think we would like to work on obedience for now. I am not sure what to expect. We are in our 2nd set of puppy obedience classes right now though these classes are more for the people who haven't trained a dog before so they go really slow.

So far he has
  • a solid sit,
  • come is almost solid I would say probably about 85% of the time when he is distracted or playing with other dogs. 100% of the time at home or during training.
  • His heel work is ok I mean he heels but he isn't tight or anything yet, sits when we stop walking.
  • His down needs work. He can do it just doesn't always want to. We are working on it.
  • Right now we just started training sit stay and he is catching on fast though he does get bored fast and tries to lay down often. I would say I can get a 30 second stay out of him 60% of the time with a distance of 10 or so feet. Our trainer said not to have them sit stay for very long because its not comfortable for them at this age and actually can hurt them or something like that. I haven't really tried to get more then 30ish second out of him because of this.
  • He can stand on command. Though its something he needs work on too.
Anyways on to my question. Where do we go from here? Obviously we have a lot of training to do and we will continue with our training classes for years to come but as of right now they move so slow and I like to look ahead.

At what age do GS or dogs in general usually start competing?

What advice would you give some one just starting out?
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