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Default bloodlines or dogs known to produce long coats

I'm thinking about getting a second puppy in another year.

I'm going to get a working line this go round. My main quality I'm looking for is a strong desire to work, or a very handler oriented dog. Probably medium drive, good off switch. I'm not sure if this puppy would be for schutzhund as the sport aspect (though that would be nice) or just tracking and maybe a little protection work Down the line (nothing hardcore, just for mental stimulation and a good challenge).

Anyway, tangent. I have all the time in the world to find my idea of the perfect litter, so along with my health, temperament search, why not add a little something else? I
are there any dogs you guys know of or have seen work that LOVE to work, have impressed you, and have been known to throw long coat pups on occasion? I know its not the standard but I also know it happens quite frequently in some lines so I'm looking for what those lines are if they also align to my wants. Thanks for reading
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