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I work at one and help train the board and trains with the owner when there are classes, we also do a lot of our mondioring training with our sport dogs in the same training rooms. I enjoy that aspect of it the most which may or may not be present at the one you are looking at. Getting paid to train makes the whole thing financially feasible long term. Being able to train a crap ton of dogs is great too. They are all different and each one will teach you something new. You can read theory and watch dvds all you want. At the end of the day you have to train a bunch of dogs to really get good at it.

The pluses

You learn a lot about dogs, and how to control them in pack conditions.

At mine I can bring my own dogs to work with me which is a nice plus. I train mine when things get slow through the day.

It also helps keep a balance where you can allow your dog to pick up social skills with a large variety of dogs under way more controlled conditions than a dog park. If you do get the chance to bring your own dog it is a great socialization tool. The dogs socialize with other dogs and strangers and are less shaken by new and novel things. We have accepted many a scared of everything puppy for two week training and returned confident socialized pups. You can really help pull young dogs out of their shells.

On the downside there is the less glamorous part of it. To paraphrase Bart Bellon at the end of the day you get paid for picking up dog crap.

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