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When ours were 3-4 months old and into being nosey....I had them on long lines in the house. One to be able to direct them to me if I tried to recall. It was a wonderful tool when they were doing things and into things. I could pill them away while saying "leave it"..:-) they (knock on wood) have never chewed anything and it has never hurt their desire to be adventurous. They are a year old and when I say leave it, they stop in their tracks.

As far as get a few mins of down time we have a very structured routine so the dogs know when it is time for play and time for chill....we also taught the "place" command....they can chew on a toy, stand, lay, sleep or look off into the sky...but they have to stay in their bed. This has been a life saver.

I get up at 4:45....potty time for them
I put their puzzles down @ 5:00
5:00-6:00 interrupted play, we live in an area that is pretty mild weather....I throw the ball into the back lawn...they bring it to me while I cook....I throw it again. This goes on for about an hour....:-/ bad habit more than anything...
6:00 is breakfast
6:30 potty
7:00 is load up/car ride to school
8:00 20 mins of obedience and play
9:00 place command (2hours)
11:30 is playtime and light obedience
12:30 place until 1:30
1:30 lunch
2:00 potty play
2:45 carline
4:00 or 4:30 hard play/ obedience
5:30 puzzles while we set the table/eat
6:45 puppy dinner
7:15 walks
8:30 bedtime......they wake again the next morning 4:45 ready for it again.

The puzzles are life savers....
Millie playing with hers on the trampoline.

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