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Question Looking for some advice ( pancreatitis)

my poor cleo has had pancreatitis for a while now. she had her system flushed and I was to put her on a bland diet

at 1st it was a 1/2 cup of rice for 3 days
then a full cup of rice for 3 days
then 1/4 kibble and a cup of rice

and that's what I have been feeding her. she stopped wanting to eat the rice and started eating the other dogs food so I added veggie broth to it. and then started boiling chicken boned or breast in it. a couple days ago my mom accidently boiled it with cream of chicken. and her poop started turning a little yellow again. she is still hungry but has been licking her paws a lot and her bed covers (signs of discomfort) we took her off her pain meds for her hip dysplasia (doctors orders) and her doggy Xanax. today her stool was a little runny. I have been pumping her full of water and she hasn't ate but maybe a 1/4 cup of rice. nothing added ( she was begging I felt so bad) but I was wondering has anyone else went threw this? any advice I would like to avoid a vet trip. I am currently in a small town for a while and its like a 2 hr drive to get to the vet. I am really worried about her.
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