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Originally Posted by poorbandit View Post
I am posting this to find help for a friend. She lost her shepherd last month and adopted a ~2 year old shepherd from a shelter over the weekend. He was completely untrained, so she elicited help from a local trainer who works with shepherd, particularly for personal protection. The trainer came last night and basically advised her to get rid of the dog. He said that because he was untrained at that age he was too much for her to handle, and was probably from Czech working lines (not a breeder or puppy mill as we are told when we picked him up).

My friend is very upset, naturally. She has experience training guide dogs, but the trainer made this dog sound like Godzilla. He's definitely given her some bruises, as when he gets frustrated he'll start teething her arm. When the trainer was there the dog started humping her female dog, and my friend asked for advice on getting him to stop. The trainer didn't really respond, so my friend pulled the shepherd away, and he actually snapped at her in earnest. The trainer said that was how he was going to be all the time, that because he was untrained he was operating on pure instinct.

My friend does not want to give the dog back to a shelter, but after being advised against keeping him by the trainer, she's looking into perhaps his being used for police work. I just don't know, because I question if the trainer just saw her as a young girl with a big unruly dog and just wrote her off.

To add to this, she has another dog (female) and a cat, the latter of which the dog has quite aggressive tendencies toward.

I'm trying to get all the information possible to help her, so if anyone can provide advice, please do! Is this dog a lost cause already? It's only been a few days. I hope this is an appropriate place to ask.

(Just fyi, she's adamant that returning him to the shelter or a pound is not an option, she's not giving him to anyone she's doesn't know will take care of him)
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