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Cool Bunny biting puppy!!!

....... Toffee is 6 months old.

... He has incredible bite inhibition. He's so gentle that my parakeets are not afraid of him (after many years with careful handling with parakeets, they STILL fear me. They met Toffee and during the first day with him they kept trying to fly to him).

... With my other killer-high prey drive dog, the bunny runs and hides from him. I had to tie the bunny's room shut because that dog was OBSESSED with the bunny. Can't take his eyes off of him for one second and tries to bite the bunny. His bites are ferocious when he play fights with me. It gives me huge cuts.

B-b-b-b-b-b-b-uuuuuttttt.... Toffee can actually ignore the bunny. He could, voluntarily, walk away calmly. And he does. Oh, you bet he does. He is so sweet and gentle. After playing with the bunny for a few seconds he calmly ignores fluffy-bun-buns in which the bunny takes that chance to run right up to him to get chased again. Just like with a flirt pole, when the toy/bunny stops moving (from being chased), Toffee just stops, too. No biting, no anything.

*~ I thought it was cute, the two being buddies. That was until the bunny just started running and biting Toffee (making him whine and cry ) when we were just walking in the hallway (bunny has his own room!!! This hallway is where everyone walks.

I always supervise even if I trust Toffee 100% with not hurting the bunny. I'm way more worried about the bunny hurting Toffee. Does anyone know why the bunny does this to Toffee? He also did it to me; he never has done it before but ever since he met Toffee, he started doing it.
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