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Focus and barking

As of right now, Titan is a pretty focused dog ESPECIALLY when you have a ball in your hand.. makes SAR a bit easier when he knows that is his reward. However, I would like to work on his focus with me personally as opposed to the ball. Ex: When my BF and I are at the park and I am doing obedience with him while the BF is playing with a ball or kicking field goals, etc. Titan starts to lose focus with me. We have to start over the majority of the time when Dan brings out a ball of any kind. When Dan goes to the yard to practice chipping, I usually take titan out there and do obedience while all the golf balls are going everywhere. It is extremely difficult for Titan because he is so focused on the ball. Any suggestions?

Also, barking incessantly in my home. When someone comes to the door Titan will absolutely not stop barking until he meets the person. Typical scene: Door bell rings, or there's a knock. Titan barks his brains out. I tell him to go to bed. He goes to bed. If the person is a guest and comes inside he will bark in this high pitched excited bark, while I tell him enough, or ignore him. Then I let him meet the person when he is quiet and he goes about his business with no problem.. I don't mind the alert, infact I want one, but when I say enough.. I would like him to quit and let it be that.


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