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Ours started about 5 months but Millie would bark and back up, miles would bark and move toward whatever he was barking at. At 8 months old Millie started barking and moving toward what she was barking at! There was a young 20's something kid come into our back fence when they had turned 8 months old...that is the first time we saw Millie move forward when barking. The kid ran off, and his hoodie was covering his face, I am pretty sure it was a community kid trying to see if a back door was unlocked....most people leave doors unlocked in our community making it an easy target...I am not sure why everyone is so trusting and why they leave themselves so open to be a victim but they do....quite community with unlocked doors....ANYWAY.....Millie did not back down and I was so impressed because we felt she would bark but because she always backed up, never expected her to stand her ground and really did not expect her to chase someone. We definitely underestimated her. Needless to say....our house gets lots of and older teens do not walk in our front lawn any longer and they walk across the street when they do have to pass our home :-)))

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