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Originally Posted by LaRen616 View Post
It's been a really long time, my GSD is going to be 5 years old in 2 months.

I can't recall when he started barking at noises but he was 16 months old when he showed real protectiveness and made these 2 crackheads back away from us. He really stepped up and became a guard dog when he was 4 years old. When he is out in the yard he makes sure everyone knows that he is there and that it is his yard. He puts on a really good show and people that don't know him are scared of him but he is actually a total sweetheart and great with people.

My Dalmatian puppy started barking around 5 months of age but when he is out in the yard he would kind of stay back and bark, now he stands next to Sinister and barks/raises his hair and acts like he would do something but again, he is extremely sweet and great with people.
Chief is super sweet too! He loves other dogs and people! He just goes I into protection dog when he's not sure about something. I forgot about this, a few days ago my husband was on the couch watching a game, Chief was laying next to me sleeping (I was on the floor by the couch) and my husband yelled and threw his hands up at the game. Chief immidelty stood up, stood over me and barked at my husband. I want him to be protective but at the same time I'm thinking "your only 5 months old... this protectiveness may grow stronger and stronger..." Is this bad so young?!
Chief- born 8/8/13
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