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Weight gaining.

Hi. I'll start by explaining what's going on. Tyson, my shepherd, came to us as a stray. I was not entirely sure he was purebred until the owners came looking for him. I don't know how treated him, but he would not allow them into the yard. It was easy to convince them to let him stay. He was emancipated when he came to us. He is approximately 14 months old and weights just under 70 lbs. However, his muscles are filling out and he is not putting on any fat. I understand that his ribs should never be completely invisible, but his hip bones are very visible and it seems to be causing him discomfort while he's in his crate. I've had him about 4 months with no changes.

Now I'll explain what I've done to help him. After 3 vet visits he has been wormed for tapeworms, put on a steroid to help with growth, and his blood work thus far is negative for heart worms and other parasites. I have him on a medium protein no grain formula food that has fat content added into it. Yet still no changes. He's not near as bad as he was when he came to us but I know he needs to gain more weight.

He is also very active. 3-4 hours a day playing fetch and also tug of war. He runs with me when I to the track to run. Maybe someone on this forum has had a similar experience.
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