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Coincidence or... (seizures)

When Sadie, my miniature dachshund, was about 5 months old she began having seizures at the dog park. Initially, I didn't recognize them as seizures but decided to investigate further when another lady observed her. She looked like she had just eaten something bad - she would chomp her jaws, salivate and sometimes shake her head a bit, like kids do when they're trying to get a bad taste out of their mouths. It was almost always have she was digging around in the woodchips there, which is why I thought she ate something. At that time, she would only have them at that park. Long story short, I took her to the vet, she was diagnosed with epilepsy and started on pheno after she started having more complex seizures more often. After just over a year, we realized that she only had seizures when she was extremely excited and weaned her off the pheno - she has seizures now once every 1-2 years. She DID have head trauma as a puppy (she wiggled out of a friend's lap and fell on her head). I should also mention that for the first 6 months after being diagnosed with epilepsy, Sadie was fine at any other dog park.

Fast forward nearly 8 years later. I take Bruce to the dog park here in London, sometimes with our other dachshund but never Sadie (she NEVER goes to the dog park, that's where she ALWAYS has a seizure). He's always been fine. Over the holidays we were at my parents house and Bruce was getting antsy, he wanted to RUN, so my mom and I decided to take him to the park and see if there was anyone there - they have a rule where dogs need to be spayed or neutered, so if no one is there we will go in, if there are people we don't because he's intact. Anyways, no one else was there so we went in. My mom and I are chatting while watching Bru and notice that he starts licking his lips and his teeth chatter very slightly - it was exactly the same as Sadie's first seizure, the exact same park, same spot too. I asked my mom if she had seen it, she did, we left immediately. Nothing since.

My mom mentioned when we got home that she thought she had read something somewhere that that park had been closed for a little bit but couldn't remember why or if it was something else she was thinking of. We couldn't find any information about it being closed online and there wasn't any indication at the actual park that it was closed, someone was actually leaving when we got there and another person was going in as we were leaving. I also tried searching for seizures at dog parks in Woodstock (where my parents live) but, not surprisingly, nothing came up.

If you go to google maps, the park is on the corner of Butler and Henry St in Woodstock, ON (if you want a visual representation, it doesn't show as park on the map). Just a block north is an Agribrands Purina factory. Initially, we thought that was what was causing Sadie's seizures - some chemical or smell that was triggering her. We abandoned that theory when she started having them at other parks, but now I'm circling back to it.

I've been watching Bru like a hawk, he has been fine - nothing out of the ordinary and no other episodes that I'm aware of. It sounds really selfish but I really do not want to have another seizure dog that I can't take anywhere and now I'm paranoid that there is something wrong with Bru. Do you think this is all just a big coincidence or is it something that warrants further testing? It was one episode that lasted for less than 10 seconds, if that.
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