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E-Collar or Bark Collar for Barking . . . and Training?

I've had a year and a half of medical problems that have kept me from training my (now 3-year-old) working-line male GSD. I have no access to a trainer.

I've started his training after Steven Lindsay's references ( Positive reinforcement, teaching and befriending, etc. It's going along alright - basic obedience right now.

But his barking . . . gawd! His favorite trick in the whole world is "speak." "Quiet" is not coming along real well.

I recently boarded him with a trainer whom I trust. She recommended a bark collar. I found E-Collar's BarkLess (link), but looking into it I wonder if a full-on electronic training collar might be more useful.

The dog "commutes" to my home office for the day. The bark collar would be to keep him quiet for that, mostly. I don't need to leave him alone with it.

The thing is, I need to get on his training. I had not really considered an e-collar for training, but he will be doing scent and agility type work, at the least. He's a pretty high-octane dog, probably would be just fine with police work.

So . . . would a full-on training e-collar be useful? Bark-specific collar? Both?

P.S. Just to be clear, I would not use a bark collar for training proper, just for training him about when it's okay to bark.

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