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Marking indoors but only very rarely

My dog will sometimes mark indoors, but only very rarely. Maybe once every 2-4 months, she will randomly decide to lift her leg and pee on something. I'm guessing she's smelling other dogs but it's so inconsistent I can't figure out what's triggering it specifically. We have dogs at work all the time, so why does this only happen once in a blue moon? The trouble places are when we are at my workplace or at the hardware store. I correct her for it, and she is never unsupervised, but it happens very quickly without any warning sniffing behavior.

So I asked this question on another forum and was basically told I was a terrible person and to keep my dog on a leash at all times while indoors... This not only does not work (the leash won't stop her from peeing), it is not practical or fair for the dog. I am willing to do it if someone can explain to me how it will actually help. Also willing to try other techniques. When I am working she lies on her quilt and does not explore- this is only an issue when we're walking around, not when she is bored.
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