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The first red flag for me is that most of the dogs do not have hip or elbow ratings. That doesn't mean that they weren't tested, but I would absolutely 100% get that information (and request to see proof from the OFA or Penn) before I'd proceed.

Breeding coaties tends to be frowned upon as well- they are breeding dogs outside of the standard with no thought behind the pairing... some of the pairings they've listed are pretty odd. Some of the bitches have really questionable conformation and poor pigmentation.

Most of the dogs are not titled- what the "grandparents" of the dog did is essentially meaningless. The ones that are titled are imports who were titled by others. Titling is not the be-all-end-all, but the dogs should at least be working in SOME sort of venue.

I would pass- for what they are charging, you can do much better. Look at the sticky "What to Look for in a Breeder."
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