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Originally Posted by Sp00ks View Post
Great story, gorgeous dogs. Two GSDs and Two daughters, I can't imagine. I have to say, good job!!!
Thank you....
It is busy....but the girls (13 & 16) have been totally involved...:-) our 14 year old jack Russell recently died....:-( We loved him but we called him satan. He was the meanest dog ever...did not like kids...even was a long 14 years with him. We trained him to avoid other kids at all cost....he was allowed around ours but only when supervised. I was very hesitant to get another dog and feared picking wrong....again....we could not be happier! I guess the years worth of research, suggestions, things to look for from a breeder....many things from this site.....really helped! We have been blessed with two wonderful dogs! I wish I could take credit but from what I have witnessed with this breed, they are really easily taught with the right trainer to teach us humans. :-)

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