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Help with clumsiness

Hi all,

My GSD is 5 months today. I got him from a byb at just under 3 months and he was a bit underfed and needed to build up muscle, especially in his back legs. He's finally up to a good weight and he's getting much better with his gait, stairs and general use of his rear legs etc. I want to work with him to make him more aware of his body, especially where his back legs are so he is hopefully more careful of where he walks and what he runs into. He runs around and his rear tends to swing to the side causing it to hit tables and chairs etc sometimes knocking things over. He's had a few close calls with things almost hitting him.

I am looking for ideas for tricks or activities that I can work with him on that he needs to be aware of footing or where his body is so that he hopefully gains a better spacial relation between himself and his surroundings. Any ideas or tips would be helpful.

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