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Originally Posted by ZoeandMoe View Post
I have read a lot of stories on this board about people not advising or even going to a dog park for a number of reasons. Just wanted to share my experience yesterday. I took Moe. to a local park with the hopes of introducing him to other dogs/pups. Moe. is 15 months old. When arriving, He was barking playfully at the other dogs but I wanted to take him to the section "under 20lb" dogs because no one was in there. We weren't in there 2 minutes when a woman came over to me and said what a beautiful GSD, can I bring my Shepherd over to that side? Her's was about a month older and running around with the bigger dogs. I said, sure, why not. Moe. and her dog began playing together for a minute, then her's began chasing Moe. Every time she caught him, she would knock him down. Playfully, not aggressively. this went on for about ten minutes until one time her dog knocked Moe. down and they began barking/snarling at each other. I quickly separated Moe. and thought, OK, time to leave. The woman said to me, Oh, it's OK, they will be fine. I let Moe. go after making him calm down and he stayed at my feet until her dog came running and plowing him over again. This time it was a full on puppy fight. I broke it up immediately, put on Moe's. leash and began to leave. She said to me like nothing had happened, "Nice meeting you, see you next time". I thought to myself, No you won't. Maybe I was over reacting but I wanted him to socialize, Not learn how to fight or defend himself.
I don't take my dog to dog parks. Never have. I'm not above at all correcting someone else's dog to defend mine. And if I get "oh they're fine as an answer" I'm usually rude enough to say something. I can't stand people that let their animals be bullies and just brush it off.

When I worked at my old job in Mech. A jack Russell was brought in tore up by a gsd. The jack Russell took off and was found a local and brought in it took that little guy 15 stitches. When the owner got there she said the lady that was responsible for the gsd said the same nothing oh hes just a puppy hes just playing

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