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Bitting Issue....Please help

Sasha will be 1 year next month. For awhile now she has tried biting my hands, ankles, clothing. We started more advance training with a really good trainer last month and she stopped for a couple of weeks. Then started again. Now its basically every day. When I come home from work, she is happy to see me, tail wagging and then instead of licking, she tries to bite. It’s not a soft bite, now that she has her adult teeth….it hurts.

I will say that she does not try this with my husband. He has established with her that he is the boss. It’s like she is a different pup when he is around. If he is around and she starts biting me, he says NO and stops that second. But if he doesn’t say anything, she continues. I have tried, “OW”, “YELP” basically anything and everything to get her attention that this not acceptable behaviour in our house. I have tried redirecting her to play with her ball (which she loves) or basic training. I have tried holding her by the scruf and saying no. If I do this, she lies down and then as soon as I walk away, she comes right back at me. Or she tries and then runs away and comes right back. If my husband leaves the house and its just me and her home, she goes full out. I have tried “time-outs” in her crate, don’t like using her crate as punishment because she sleeps in there and I don’t want her to think of her crate as a bad place.

Looking for help…..she will be 1 year old next month and this cannot continue. I love her and always look forward to going home and seeing my puppy but getting very frustrated.

Any suggestions?
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