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Frustration with Coprophagia

This yet another dog eating poop thread.

I have a nearly 6 month old pup, and he has an obsession with poo.
Now, those who have read my other thread, he has been positive for giardia, roundworm and recently coccidia. Currently on day 7 of panacur and gonna have a retest on day 10. I have a big feeling its going to be positive still due to this habit.

So my pup, Loki has had this issue for some time now. He has no interest in his own poop, so adding stuff that will make it taste bitter wont help. Whenever we go for walks I feel like its his mission to go find poop as he is picky with who he plays with. He will play with puppies, GSDs of any age, and likes wolfie looking dogs. Other than that he is uninterested in other dogs at the dog park and you can find him in the corner nose is constantly on the ground sniffing for poop.

I do have the leave it command, he will either leave the poop, come to me for his treat then go straight back to the poop, or two meters later finds another dog poop. Im like yelling "leave it!" every 2 secs at the dog park and we end up eating a whole bag of treats for each time to redirect him... now avoiding that place. Bunch of irresponsible owners...

There are times he finds a certain irresistable poop, and he will ignore my command, scoop up the poop and run from me. I wont chase him as I know it will engage in play. But there are some really nasty suspicious poop out there, and one time i had a struggle fishing out this poop from his mouth coz I saw something in it. He cried, and i got lightly bit, and the object in the poop turned out to be a condom. I hope it didnt have aids since i also sustained a cut while fishing it out. He doesnt seem to learn from the several fishing out of his mouth moments.

He is on proplan puppy chicken and rice from his breeder, I tried to switch to origen which ended up in severe diarrhea and hospitalization. So back to the old kibble, and I started him on probiotic tablets 2 days ago and half a banana as some people suggested for added vitamins.

I will continue to reinforce to leave it, he as been constantly on leash now, but its hard to tire him out while always on leash as opposed to free running and exploring. Im getting so frustrated waiting for him to grow out of it. It not fun taking him for a walk anymore since Im always watching him like a hawk, and I do want him to be able to roam free.

Im almost thinking of going up to a muzzle, but I really dont want that on my dog since he is a sweet boy, very gentle. But if he is always going to be sick due to this habit i might not have a choice, and i dont even want to go near shock collars.

Help? Please?
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