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How to Explain SchH/IPO?

I have been in love with the GSD for many years. As I researched the breed (i.e. - discovering there were different types, what all those weird letters on a pedigree mean, popular activities GSD owners engaged in, etc.) - I found out about this thing called Schutzhund.

To be honest, at first glance it looked a little scary (Because the C phase is very attention grabbing!). However, as I began to understand its original purpose and value as a working and breeding stock evaluation, I decided to look into it more closely. After lots of reading, (I think) I understand a lot more than the average Joe, and certainly have learned enough to have a keen interest in participating in the sport someday.

Now, I have a lot of 'dog people' in my life. None of them are professionals, but the ones I "talk dog" with most often are pretty in line with my view on training and other things, and we research and are interested in a lot of the same dog-related things. Here's my dilemma: I've talked to not all, but many, of my "dog people" (and some of my "not-so-dog" people) about my interest in IPO, and explained it a little. For the most part, they can't believe I'd be crazy enough to "teach my dog to bite someone." (nevermind the A and B phases, apparently they don't count ) Thankfully, I do have a couple of great dog people in my life that I don't think will ever get into IPO themselves, but they understand its value and why I'm interested in it. For some of these people I've talked to, I really don't mind if they don't understand IPO, but for the people who are closer to me personally - and honestly concerned about my safety - I'd like to put them more at ease with the sport. And I believe that a better understanding of SchH/IPO would definitely help to facilitate that.

- Is there a way to explain the basics of SchH/IPO to people in a way that it won't be immediately dismissed, or construed as crazy? (and put my friends/family at ease?)

- Kayla

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