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First Time GSD Owner Seeks Digestive Advice

Hello, I'm new to the forum and just got my first German Shepherd, Scout, last night (I've wanted one literally my whole life and am so excited to have the little guy). My girlfriends sister works with someone who lives next to a breeder that has a litter of 7 puppies born on Halloween. One of the. Was having digestive issues and I guess had been throwing up pretty much anything he ate and is significantly smaller than the others. I fell in love and knew the puppy would die if he stayed at the breeders because with 2 parent GSD and 6 other puppies, he just wasn't able to give the care and attention he needs. For the last 5 days he was feeding him raw meat and he said he did fairly well on it. Last night after I got him I got taste of the wild puppy formula from Specs and a lady working there also owns a rescue shelter and is a veterinarian and she suggested rather than adding an enzyme supplement to the food to try adding plain yogurt or cottage cheese and that might help the digestive issues.

Last night he ate and threw up about an hour later. This morning he ate and threw it up a few hours later. I got him into the vet today and they kept him all day to observe and try and diagnose the situation. They saw him throw up first hing when he got in and the vet thought it was regurgitation and not vomiting and thinks his esophagus may be inflamed. She fed him small amounts of science prescription gastrointestinal wet food throughout the day and he was able to keep it down. They gave me 8 cans of the food and want to keep him on it a week or so to see how he does. They also gave me an enzyme supplement (been-bac gel) and famotidine tablets to give him daily.

They took a stool sample and I just got a call that the results came back positive for round worms and that I could pick up treatment for this tomorrow. I was kind of excited for this and hoping this was the issue and I texted the breeder and he said that they are all born with round worms and that he was due to be wormed again but he didn't want to with his issues and wormer is a poison. So now I'm not so sure. I'm going to mention this to the vet tomorrow to see their thoughts and if it's ok to still give him the treatment.

At first I was thinking maybe EPI but the vet didn't think so. His stools have been pretty decently solid. The last one a couple hours ago was solid until the last bit came out was a little more diarrhea looking and what I thought was a piece of grass coming out but might have been a worm?

i just want this little guy better and healthy and to live a good life. Does anyone have any thoughts or insight to any of this? FYI he is 10 weeks and weighed 13.2lbs so he's definitely under weight. His parents were huge, the dad 85lbs and mom probably 75lbs.

Attached are pictures of what the Vet said as well as a couple pictures of Scout. Our 2.5 year old pitbull mix loves him and is thrilled to have a little brother for a playmate!
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